Lord, Thank You for This Walk

This post is my heart pouring out to the Lord. Praying that it might be an ecouragement to another, a light to someone, and may give glory to our Lord.

Lord, thank you. I cannot begin to thank you enough for all that you have done for me in my life. You brought me out of a dysfunctional family and blessed with me with a beautiful husband of over 25 years, 6 beloved children on earth and 2 sweet ones in Heaven. You gave me a “new life”.

Thank you for times of walking with us through job losses. Thank you for carrying us through scary pregnancies. Thank you for our son being born deaf who now hears because of your miracle. Thank you for walking us through family member losses. Thank you for the times of carrying us through our miscarriages. Thank you for walking with me as I faced death’s door over 5 years ago and helping me to limp along and recover over the years. Thank you for allowing my heart to be open to adoption and Steve’s too. Thank you for allowing me to experience the pain of a friend turning away from us after we shared our fundraising plans and another friend who turned away after hearing that we would adopt a baby from a mother that is a former drug addict. Thank you that you have given us the strength to carry on even when the support that we thought would be there has often not been there. Thank you that you have crossed our paths with someone we never would have met on our own and allowed us to pray for her. Thank you for bringing us to this day in our adoption walk. Thank you for the long wait for our son. Thank you for the doctors and nurses that are caring for him at the hospital. Thank you for the technology that allows the doctors to put Little Guy on oxygen, and have an IV, along with a a feeding tube in him. Thank you that you brought him here safely with his mother going into labor on her own and that he was over 6 lbs. Thank you that you kept him safely inside for 5 weeks to grow him big and strong for this battle that he is now in the middle of. Thank you for our friends and family that have supported us through this walk. Thank you is not enough. But, it is all I can say- thank you. Years ago I never would have considered adopting a baby that has so many issues to deal with from day one. I would have wanted to back out if I had known what we were up against. But, today, I am walking forward with Steve and our family. I am stepping forward waiting to hold Little Guy in my arms, moments after his birth mother has held him for one last time in her arms.

We have heard the comments about the birth mother. Believe me, we’ve heard them. Let us not forget that she too was made in the image of God. She too, is human and she too, deserves love just as the rest of us sinners. Today while praying, it came to me that she is so blessed to be able to hold her baby boy yesterday and today. Knowing how I have mourned the loss of holding two of our babies in my arms on this earth, if I were her, I would be so thankful to have these couple of days holding my baby, saying “hello” and “goodbye”. Oh, it would break my heart to hand him over, but what a blessing that I would know he was on this earth and I had held him his first two days of life. It has to be comparable to a death-placing a baby/child for adoption.

Lord, I know You have brought us this far. You have answered prayer after prayer for us. I know that I can trust You no matter what happens tomorrow. You have literally carried me through losses of our babies. I know You can carry us again if we need it.

Lord, thank you for this walk.

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