The Walk at the Hospital

I finally have a minute to post. The birth mom did sign papers on Saturday as we were on our way to the hospital. Her only stipulation was that she get to come see Seth before she flys back home. We agreed. She is coming this afternoon to see him again.

We arrived at the hospital and waiting on Saturday for the birth mom. She soon came into the lobby with her social worker. We hugged and chatted for a bit. Then she took us back to see Seth. He is in a baby warmer with two large lights on him for his high bilirubin count, oxygen tube, IV, monitors all over him, and he is unable to be swaddled due to the need for the lights. He does not do well if you gently caress him as his nervous system is an absolute mess from all the drugs. You have to touch him firmly.

The birth mom choked up and said she needed to go. She and I hugged. We both wept. I thanked her and told her that I love her. I reminded her that she is a delight unto the Lord and that she did a good job. She told me she loved me too and continued to sob. Then the social worker took her away.

We were able to finally hold Seth when it was time to feed him. We held him twice and changed his diaper. He had his first bowel movement since birth (50hrs.) while I was holding him! Guess he felt relaxed! 🙂 They sent it off to be tested as the urine showed methamphetamines in it. Surprise! The nurses said he should not have started withdrawing at 1.5hrs. old if he only had the prescribed drugs in him. We shall know the answer in a few days.

We spent the day with him yesterday until they kicked us out for the evening shift change. He is so beautiful! He is up to 7lbs. now! So, he is eating well! They did take out his feeding tube too. Praise God! The nurses have told us that he is most likely looking at 3-4 weeks in the NICU. He needed an extra dose of morphine the night before last. He has to go 5 days off of morphine before he can go home. They are spreading out the dose and then going to lower it when his body can handle it. At this point he can’t handle it. They are also giving him antibiotics and phenobarbital. The pheno. keeps him from seizuring. He will go home on that.

It is so hard to watch his little hands flail around with tremors and an IV stickign out of one tiny hand. He still has a lot of tremors. He is also very tight in his muscles, so, he has a hard time opening his mouth to eat and being changed.

We’ve been asked what kind of help we need. Right now we would feel so blessed in these areas:

1. prayers for Seth to recover quickly and come home!
2. prayers for our children. They are starting to show some stress from the change in schedule and not seeing their baby brother yet. We get asked daily, “WHEN will we get to see him and hold him?” This is very tough on them too.
3. Prayers for Grandma. She is tired and yet, still arrives here each day to care for our 6 children at home. This is a tiresome job! Not much gets done, except cooking and chatting. 🙂
4.Prayers for Steve and I to have the energy for each day fo 2 hours of drive time to and from the hospital and sitting with Seth, while still trying to run a household.
5. Steve and the boys are trying to get our chicken house finished before the snows come. We could use some help on Saturday if you feel called. He will be working around 10:30ish through most of the day. The weather looks to be good that day. Bring a sack lunch if you decide to come!
6. We may need some grocery store runs later on. We would give you a list of the items needed and the money, if you could just make the run.
7. When Seth finally comes home, we could use some help pulling together the house inside and a bit outside as our social worker will be out for a follow-up visit with us and Seth.
8. If you feel like having some of our crew over for a change of scenery (as long as you are okay with them bringing their own snacks), we know they’d enjoy it. Mainly our youngest 4, but our two oldest would probably enjoy it too if you had some olders. 🙂
9. If you feel led to stop by and break up the monotony here at our house, Grandma and our children would enjoy the break! It’s just very hard for our younger children right now and we know a break in the day to day stuff would be nice.
10. Share our links!!!!!! We are staring at a pretty, huge medical bill when Seth gets out. Our insurance did not cover the first 48 hrs., and it only covers 90% on out. PLEASE share our links! Please shop through our links for birthdays and Christmas! If you are going to get a gift for someone anyway, why not take a couple minutes and shop through our links, along with helping us pay Seth’s medical bills. These billsa re overwhelming to us!
11. Pray the birth mom’s plane ticket back costs a lot less than the one out here! Pretty unbelievable what they paid! Actually, we are having to pay. She should be leaving this week.

That is the main thoughts that come to mind today. If you feel led to help us in any of these areas, please call or email us. While at the hospital our cells are not usually on, but you can always text or email us too.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers on this walk! We are loving every moment we get to see and sit with Seth. We can’t wait until he gets to come home!

For this time, it is the walk at the hospital.

P.S. My computer is also acting up, so, if I don’t respond, please call! It may be ready to crash any moment!

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