Almost Home on This Walk

This has been an exhausting week, but Seth is making progress!!! He is now up to 7lbs. 3 oz.! Praise the Lord! Today was his third day of being morphine-free! The nurse said he cried more than he ever has today. They were able to help him work through it before we got there. They now have on file that they are to call us first before they think they will need to administer morphine again. We will hop in the car and drive down to the hospital to hold and console him immediately. It is an hour drive, but well worth it to keep him off the morphine. As soon as he reaches the fifth day of being off morphine, he can come home!!!!! šŸ™‚ So, Lord willing, he will be coming home on his original due date- October 28th, Monday! Amazing! He will be almost 3 weeks old, believe it or not.

Our children are getting excited about bringing him home finally! They are counting the days that he is off the morphine. Wow, is this really happening?

He also has to pass a car seat/oxygen test. It requires him sitting in the car seat for 2 hours while they monitor his oxygen levels. If he passes that and is still not needing morphine, then he is a free Little Guy! šŸ™‚

Send me an email if you’d like a picture of him!

A big thank you to our friends Debbie (and children) and Jennifer who came over on Thursday afternoon and cleaned, organized, and pulled weeds for us while we were at the hospital! You do not know how much that meant to us!!!! We love you!

We brought our new adoptive friends home for a meal with us the other evening. They adopted a baby girl born a few days after Seth and we spent time talking while in the hospital waiting out withdrawals. Turns out they are from Connecticut, where we lived for a few years. Their baby girl was discharged from NICU today and they are on their way back home. It was such a nice evening to have with them, sharing about our adoption walks, life, and so much more. We pray all goes well for you Debbie and Kevin! Keep in touch and come visit us again. We’d love to get pics. of our Little Guy with your Little Girl. Enjoy that sweet baby girl!

Some of you are wondering if we are still doing our fundraisers. Yes, most certainly we are! We still have to pay medical bills and will also need to finalize in court in about 6 months. If you shop through any of our links or donate, those funds will go towards these adoption expenses. So, please shop and share!!!

I know I owe some of you “thank yous”. Please know that I have your names in front of me daily, but I just haven’t gotten around to writing all the “thank yous” yet. I still plan to send you a thank you, it might just be a tad late. šŸ™‚

Every day when I go into NICU, I sit and hold Seth. While I rock him, I pray for others. If you would like me to pray for you, please let me know. No prayer too small or too big! I figure I will be very busy when he gets home, so, I will spend this quiet, focused time on prayers. This has been a sweet pleasure to have this time to pray so often for others. Like I said before, we will stay in the NICU as long as the Lord wants us there. May He use our time for His glory!

We are almost home on this walk!

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2 Responses to Almost Home on This Walk

  1. Lisa says:

    You are almost home on this leg of the walk. In a way, you are just beginning!! Such a blessing to read about the progress Seth has made. We love you guys. Thanks so much for your prayers for us, Michelle. Praying Seth home here in Mongolia šŸ™‚

  2. Rhoda says:

    So excited for you all. Would love to see your little guy. Praying that he continues to thrive and that the substances that he was exposed to will not have any adverse effect on him. Blessings from a former foster mom.

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