Walking With Faith

Another week has passed and we know many of you are curious how things are going for our family. All of us, except Steve and Seth, have been sick. Steve has pulled a total of 4 all-nighters in the past week with Seth while I tried to recover. Actually, I wasn’t recovering very well. I was just hacking up a lung every few minutes, choking to pieces, and gasping for water all night long. Today I am still recovering. I now have a sinus infection. I’ve been told that the hospital run for almost 3 weeks and then bringing home Seth just kinda push my body over the edge and now it has crashed. So, I am trying to take it easy. I am watching the house demolish itself while I sit in a chair and hold Seth. 🙂

Last weekend, I had a fever for 3 days. I spent most of that time worrying about Seth’s need for donor milk. You know how you can’t think clearly when you have a fever? It was all I could think about was donor milk. I began to pray like crazy for donor milk. By the time I had everyone else praying, I had decided that I was going to pray specifically for someone to knock on our door with donor milk that day. You know, like George Muller? Well, God never lets me down. Late that afternoon, my mother-in-law knocked (and she usually rings the bell) on our door with donor milk!!! Enough donor milk to last us a week!!! Praise God! I lay there in bed listening to her come in the door and talk with the family and just SMILED. My God is an amazing God! He is faithful!

Meanwhile, I have been busy begging for donor milk on all kinds of facebook pages. I never knew there were so many out there! My new, dear friend, Lori, posted on South Dakota and Minnesota Eats on Feets sites asking for milk. She is going to both states later this month and said she wants to have to rent a trailer to bring home milk to Seth! Isn’t she an awesome friend?? She also found a donor here in UT that had some to give and will give us some more from time to time. She even went and met her yesterday and picked up the milk! Thank you so much Lori!!!! So thankful for you!

Another lady gave my mil some and told her she would plan to meet her weekly with some more milk! Praise God!!!! A lady in northern WY is looking to see who can donate for Seth that is closer to us. A dear friend, Danielle, back in IN sent a message last night that she is posting on her IN Eats on Feets and Human Milk for Human Babies Facebook pages asking for milk. Thank you Danielle! You are such a blessing! We are offering to pay for any shipping that is needed, so, if you are out of state and know someone, please feel free to connect us. We will cover the shipping!

We have people all across the country searching for milk to help Seth’s immune system become stronger. This is caring for the orphans. This is LOVE. No, Seth is not an orphan, but he was headed in that direction before we were given this wonderful opportunity to raise him for God’s glory! You all are listening to God’s word and reaching out to the orphan. You are being the feet and hands of Jesus. Thank you. I have cried several times this week over the love that you all are showing our beautiful, little Seth. You are such an inspiration to us! We will never forget this! I may not have given birth to Seth and produced milk, but God can produce milk in many other ways! He doesn’t need me to do this! Praise God!

We have had 3 differrent doctors see Seth. They have all warned us against his compromised immune system and reiterated how important breast milk is. Funny, the NICU doctor told me his immune system was fine. Hmmm….

We took Seth in to have some bodywork done on him as he was dealing with a lot of rigidity and fussiness. It has been like having a new baby after this! He is now able to freely lift his arms above his head! Praise the Lord! In all his 4 weeks, he had never been able to unfold his arms, let alone lift them above his head. One of our sons even noticed how his legs now feel so much more relaxed. 🙂 He still needs about 3-4 more visits, but slowly we are seeing his nervous system calm down. This will help immensely with his attention and activity level. ADHD is the common thing that comes out of withdrawals with babies. We are doing all we can to help him fight this. It does not scare us, we have walked an amazing journey over the years and now we know why the Lord had us walking this journey. It was to prepare for Seth joining our family someday. We can do this! The Lord will guide us all the way!

Seth’s GI tract is still pretty messed up, even with donor milk. This is normal for withdrawal babies too. We are working with doctors on helping his gut heal too.

Seth is now settling into a routine of being awake in the mornings for an hour or so and then in the evenings again. He even smiled directly at our oldest daughter this week! He is right on time with his milestones so far! Praise the Lord!

It is a delight to watch our children ask to hold Seth, to jump up and find his paci when he cries, to request they sit next to him in the car on the way to the doctor office, to sit and smile at him as he makes his little noises, and to just flat out love him. They are all attached to him. I’ve been asked about how our family is adjusting. Adjusting is not that hard for us. We are already a big family and are used to babies coming into the family from time to time. Our children have not had any problems with Seth coming into our family. They’ve all taken to caring for him, playing with him, and loving him as if he’s always been here. You should see some of them just out right glow when they hold Seth! It is amazing! They have waited a long time to hold a baby!

Now if you want to know how our house is looking, that is another story all together. Ha ha! We now no longer just have mountains outside our windows, but also have mountains inside our house of laundry and dishes! 🙂 It’ll be done someday, but for now, we are bonding with Seth and recovering from being sick.

We were so blessed yesterday afternoon when my dear friend, Jennifer showed up. She brought a chicken and began preparing dinner for us immediately!!! She had me sit and rest while she cleaned up our kitchen and cooked our dinner. Oh, how nice that was! What a blessing you are, Jennifer! She also brought us some elk steaks! We haven’t had steak since spring! What a wonderful surprise!!!! We are looking forward to cooking them this weekend. I have to tell you all the story again of my friend, Jennifer. She and I began emailing each other before we moved to UT. We hit it off right away as we have a lot in common and even have similar health issues in our families too. The first day here, my husband called me outside. We had asked for people to come and help us move in and we had 27 people show up! However, before they all showed up, my husband called me outside. I saw a lady standing there talking with Steve. I walked out and said “hello”. Steve and the lady told me that she was Jennifer. She then held out a basket of gluten-free muffins! Those of you that know our family, know we cannot eat any gluten and not only that, we had been traveling for 3 days moving here and were out of food! At first, I didn’t know they were gluten-free muffins and thought I’d have to politely decline taking them, but she went on to say they were gluten-free and organic! It was at this point that I broke down into tears, grabbed Jennifer, and held her for several minutes crying into her shoulder saying over and over, “God sent you to me. You are my first friend in Utah. God sent you to me”. I couldn’t stop crying. There is no way she would have known that we could only eat gluten-free food. Only the Lord could press this upon her heart. Only the Lord could bring her to our door when we were starving and feed us. I know I’ve told this story before, but it is such an important story in my life. It shows God’s faithfulness. It shows Jennifer’s willingness to listen to the Lord’s leading. It shows love. And so much more. So that was my dear friend who came and cooked dinner for us last night! What a treat that was! Our oldest boys were just complaining yesterday morning about how I haven’t been cooking much of a breakfast or dinner for them lately. You see, we cook 3 meals a day. I am in charge of breakfast and dinner. Lunch is done by pairs of children. Lately, I have bought bags of cereal (not my norm at all!) and given out cereal for breakfast, skipping the egss and potatoes, homemade granola, homemade sausage, omelets, muffins, breads, etc. This has not made our teen boys happy campers. 🙂 I will need to warn their future wives about this! So, we finally had a real meal last night!

What are our needs now? Seth to continue to stay health and donor milk to pour in. And all of us to get some much needed rest. 🙂

We are walking with faith!

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