Liquid Gold Walking

This post is totally dedicated to breast milk. So, if it offends you or you feel that it is totally unsafe, please do not read any further. If you do believe that God knew what He was doing when He made breastmilk, read on.

Tomorrow we run out of donor milk. You know what that means. That means back to formula, back to gas pains, back to extreme fussiness, back to sleeplessness, etc. That also means it is time to step up the praying for donor milk! Have you joined us in prayer? Last night I spent most of my time posting on different online groups asking for help with finding donations. The Lord is not letting me down. Tomorrow I will meet with a lady who is bringing some of her milk to me, along with milk from another lady, and even some colostrum from a third lady!!!1 Colostrum is the first liquid that a baby receives after birth. It is chockfull of antibodies and good healthy nutrition. It can dramatically improve one’s gut/immune system. This is beyond “liquid gold”. Could it be called, “liquid diamonds?” Anyway, it sounds like she is bringing us enough to get us through a couple days. Yay!!! Maybe more? Another lady just moved to IN from UT, but left her milk in her sister’s freezer here. She wants to donate it to Seth. A dear friend, Joanna, in IN asked a friend of hers at church if she’d be willing to donate to us. Her friend agreed and said she has 100oz!!!! Praise the Lord! That will get us through 2.5 more days after we receive it. We are offereing to pay to ship milk. So, if you know of someone that would be willing to donate milk, please share our info. with them! We will also supply bags to put the milk in!

I have a new, dear friend, Lori, coming over after work tomorrow with about 30oz. of milk. She found another donor and met her on Friday afternoon to pick up the milk. I think she probably drove over an hour!!! Is that awesome or what??? That will get us to close to feeding Seth another full day! Praise the Lord!

If you’d like to know more about why breast milk is so important, take a moment and research it! You will be amazed in what you find out. God made no mistake when He created breast milk! He does not get it wrong! Man however is good at messing things up. 🙂 Try as hard as he might, man can never create any thing as good as God can!

Today Seth is having stuffiness problems in his nose and tending to be more fussy. We are praying he is not getting sick. Please join us in prayer. We are trying to not become obsessed, but at the same time know how dangerous it is if he gets sick right now.

We continue to be liquid gold walking.

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