God Story Walking

Have you been wondering how the milk story worked out? It’s another God story! 🙂

I woke to 2oz. of milk on Monday morning. That’s all that was in the house for Seth. Amazingly, I was calm and knew that God would provide. I kept remembering the George Muller story and knew that He would provide for us. I packed half the crew in the car and took off to pick up some milk from my dear friend, Lori. I had to stop at her car in the school parking lot and pull the milk out of her cooler to put in our cooler. I was hoping noone would ask what I was doing in her car. Then we went home and Seth ate!

A few hours later, I packed half our crew up again and went 30 minutes to meet another mom who had collected from three other nursing mamas some milk and some colostrum (mega-liquid gold!!!!) for Seth. We met in the parking lot of a gas station. 🙂 Then we went home and Seth ate again! Praise the Lord!

It was at this time that I noticed that a dear friend, Debbie, had posted on my FB page that she would be in a certain town (about 1.5 hrs. away from us) that night and would be glad to pick up milk if there was any there for us. She said she had skimmed over my FB post on needing milk and the Lord had poked her saying, “tell her you will be in Provo tonight”. She didn’t respond immediately, but said she was poked again and went back and posted that she would be there. I got on one of our state milk donor sites and lo, and behold, there was a mama in Provo with milk to donate!!!! Debbie was able to go to her house after their speech meeting and pick up milk for Seth! All because she listened to the Lord! Debbie said she was also able to share the story with a group of speech students after they had shared about God always being there for you. Seth’s story continues to touch others!

Debbie then met us in the Governor’s Mansion parking lot to give me the milk the next day before our field trip. Wonder what the governor would think of that? LOL! I am guessing that is the first time in history that breastmilk has been brought frozen and passed over to another car’s cooler in the parking lot! Can you imagine the pioneers hearing of this?

Then, a lady from Wyoming, about 2.5 hours away from us, wanted to donate milk to Seth. She sent it with her friend, who was traveling through our area on Thursday. I met her at the exit ramp to our town. As she gave me the milk, she asked questions about adoption and drug withdrawals. I showed her Seth and then she shared that they were looking at adopting a baby that had been born to a mother on drugs. She said she would like to talk with me more about it and that she will bring her friend’s milk to us again another time. Again, God gave us a chance to share Seth’s story and answer questions for someone considering adopting a baby exposed to drugs.

On Friday, my mother-in-law called to say that she had picked up ome more donor milk for Seth from a lady that had given the week before! Praise the Lord!

Another lady messaged me that she has some colostrum for Seth! She is not due with her baby until later this month and she is already giving to our son a huge immune builder! Praise the Lord! We are trying to coordinate meeting this week.

Right now we have enough milk to get through the first part of this week. Isn’t God amazing? He provides even for the youngest and smallest needs. We had prayed that Seth would give God glory in all that he does before we even adopted him. This is so fascinating to watch how God is using Seth’s Story to share His story with others. We have been told by a few people that they so appreciate our honesty and up-frontness on this journey. They appreciate that we don’t hide the heartache, the questions, the fleshly thoughts, the financial costs, the needs, and that we share the blessed joys as well. That was our plan with this blog-to tell it like it is. No sugar-coating. Be real.

How is Seth doing? Well, he ended up getting a cough and congestion on Tuesday. He still has some of it, but he has been holding his own quite well. We feel that the colostrum and breastmilk came at just the right time for him! He is breaking out quite a bit on his face, but we were warned about this in drug withdrawal babies. Seth is still having a tough time at nights. The hospital said he always had a tough time at night and that is when they needed to give extra morphine often. You could compare him to a colicky baby at night. He eats every 2 (sometimes 3) hours and then fusses after the bottle and burping for a long time. We spend most of the night taking turns getting up to see if it’s a need for a bottle, burping, changing a diaper, or a pacifier need. We don’t sleep much. You will find us catching catnaps throughout the day or early evening. I spend most of the day carrying Seth on me in a wrap. He craves the warmth of a body and hearing our heartbeat. We are responding to his every need, but have to say that we do get tired from time to time. 🙂 We know this too will pass. We did have two children that had colic and we know how tough it is for the first 3 months.

Seth smiled the other day at our oldest daughter and then gave me a half smile. We haven’t really seen much of a smile since then. I started researching methadone babies as I wanted to make sure we are seeing normal behavior. Not smiling on time or for an extended period of time is common in drug babies. So, that explains why we haven’t really seen any more smiles.

We are also almost 100% sure he is tongue-tied, so, he is going in for an exam and surgery (if needed) on Wednesday of this week. Pray for all to go well for him.

We received a beautiful blanket and gift certificate from our dear friends, Tina and Larry and family this past week. Thank you so much! We also received a package of diapers from our dear friend, Jean. Thank you so much! You all are such a blessing to us! We appreciate your love and kindness towards Seth and our family.

We love the God stories that are coming out of this walk!

We continue to be God story walking.

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