The God Stories Continue on This Walk

Seth was tongue and lip tied. He had laser surgery last week on both. He had a level 4 lip-tie (the worst you can have) and a level 2 tongue-tie. He now can take his bottle much better. He still struggles with his tongue at times, but he is doing so much better overall.

Seth is now holding his head up and turning towards voices. He is still not really smiling. Once in awhile we get a half smile, but he is lagging behind our other children’s milestones in that area. In my research it has shown that babies that have gone through drug-withdrawal often have some developmental issues that they catch up on within a year or two. After all, he not only “did” drugs, but also spent almost all of his first 3 weeks in the hospital with 60 different nurses and 3 different doctors. Bonding was something that was missing in the hospital even though we were there daily. It was a very “sterile” environment. We are not worried about it. We continue to hold him and love him daily. He will grow from the love that he receives. He has physically grown! He is now 10lbs. 2ozs! Praise the Lord!

We were suddenly hit with the flu last weekend. The Vomiters became a household name for us. Two of our crew vomited so much that they had to get an IV! It was not pretty around here! We continued to pray for Seth to be protected. “Ironically” again, someone provided colostrum on the same day that the flu started in our house! Can anyone say, “God” provided? He is faithful. We believe that that colostrum helped Seth stay strong. It was only 15ml. that was given by a lady who was due to have her baby (and had her baby two days later) any day when she donated it to us. How sweet is that? This lady had not even had her first baby and yet, she wanted to give to Seth and help him grow strong? Only God could do this.

Two of our crew ended up needing IVs from vomiting so much last week. We had Home Depot orange buckets that say, “Let’s DO This!” on it, sitting around in bedrooms and the family room. We’ll never look at those orange buckets the same way again. Our children still don’t want to eat the foods that they last ate before vomiting and Thanksgiving was very small around here this year. Their appetites are coming back though, so, don’t worry! Our refrig. will soon be empty again. πŸ™‚

We have met many new friends through the milk donations and had many friends become involved in the milk runs. We’ve received milk from NC, IN, SD, WY, and UT. One shipment came from Indiana- 250 ounces for the shipping price of $250!! Yes, you read that right. What would you do if your baby had a compromised immune system and needed milk, but there wasn’t any available nearby? We felt it was well worth it. Our friend, Debbie, picked up more milk for us last week and has told us that it filled her giant-sized cooler! WOW! We hope to get it picked up this week from her. That will get us through several more weeks. Do you see how God continues to provide? Seth is His child and He will not leave him.

Friends of ours told us today that Seth already has his testimony. Unlike many of us, he doesn’t need to live a wayward life and then have a testimony to share. He’s already got it. πŸ™‚

We still haven’t heard from Seth’s birth mother since the one night when she called after we brought him home. We continue to pray for her. Only the Lord knows what kind of life she is living right now. All we can do is pray for her.

Steve is scheduled for knee surgery on the 18th of this month. PLEASE pray for him. He is having his knee replaced. This is something we have put off for 25 years and it is time to do it now. I can still remember the day Steve had his first surgery after we were married. The surgeon came out and told my mil and me that Steve would never be able to run or play ball with his children in the future. He never has ran or played ball with any of our children. Our children have grown up knowing that Daddy has a bad knee and he cannot run, play ball, hop, go up and down stairs easily, or take long walks or ride bikes. They have grown up knowing that they needed to help with certain things due to their Daddy’s knee. So, this will be an exciting change for all of us after Steve heals from his surgery. He is looking forward to being able to climb a ladder to work on things outside, to walk up stairs without severe pain, to bend his knee to sit on the floor, and so much more. He can only bend his knee 106 degrees right now. His other knee bends 134 degrees. Does that tell you how bad it is? It has been bone on bone for at least 20 years, which has meant lots of severe pain. Steve has always been a trooper and not talked much about it. I’ve caught his grimaces of pain across the room or table at times, but he has kept it to himself mostly. It is time to give him a life he has missed out on the past 25 or more years. So, please pray for him to have a speedy recovering, to remain healthy before, during, and after the surgery. Pray for us to remain healthy too. Pray for us to be able to run the ranch and get things done while he is laid up for 3 weeks. I am counting on our oldest boys to be the biggest help around here outside and I know they will not let me down. It will be a lot of added responsibilities, but it will only be for a short time and then Steve will be able to use his bionic knee and step in and do chores he has struggled with. πŸ™‚

We have continued to have people share with us that Seth’s story has inspired them, given them hope, given them strength in their faith, and so much more. We are so blessed to part of Seth’s story. We are so blessed to be part of God’s story.

We have begun to receive Seth’s medical bills. Only the Lord knows what the total will be, but we would gladly welcome your prayers and support during this time. If you are doing any Christmas shopping, would you please consider shopping through our links? If you could give us just a wee bit of your time and shop through our links, we’d be so grateful. Every little bit helps us. Seth appreciates your shopping too! πŸ™‚ We’d also appreciate it if you’d share our links with your friends and family. We have no clue how much we will owe on the medical end, but know the projected fees for finalization are between 2-3K. So, feel free to shop through our links!

The God stories continue on this walk.

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