Walking Away from the Wreck

I will write tomorrow hopefully. But, for now, just wanted you all to know that in the past two weeks, we have continued to be amazed at how God provides in every way.

Steve was in a wreck that slammed his truck into the mountain, sent it airborn, and flipped him over. According to the people who saw it and people working at the hospital, he should have been dead or severely injured. He did not get a scrape or a piece of dirt on him! The truck was totaled, but he is alive! Praise God!

Today Steve had a knee replacement surgery. He has been waiting for 27 years or more for this. Please pray for him to continue to heal quickly and to have very little pain.

I will share more, hopefully, later. Just wanted to let you all know that we are still here and appreciate your prayers as always.

UPDATE Friday morn.: yesterday was horrible for Steve. They did not give him pain meds on time. He was supposed to go from 3hrs. to every 4hrs., but made him wait almost 5hrs. for pain meds. Then his heart rate went up due to the pain and stress and they said he had to have another IV because of it. It was a snowball effect. Then they left him to freeze from the IV w/out an extra blanket. I was snowed in. The whole city was snowed/iced in, even the airport. I called the director and told her what I wanted done for Steve. Yes, if you get me fired up, you will have a Mama Bear to deal with on your hands and it ain’t pretty! I do have a firey streak that can come out if I see someone is being wronged. The next time he did get his pain meds. right on time, but he started having severe pain late last night. He had to wait on them to decide if they could give him pain meds. in his IV while writhing in pain. I am praying I can get off my mountain today (and back on) to see him, to feed him some homemade chicken broth and veggie soup, to be his legs and voice today in he hospital. The man across the hall was getting every thing, but his wife was there to be his voice yesterday. I need to be Steve’s voice today. They also moved his discharge date back to Saturday. I have no idea why. PLEASE pray that is feeling less pain today, that the staff cares for him properly (even the physical therapist was rough w/his leg and put him in more pain) and that I may get to see him today. Pray me down this mountain and up it. Thank you for the prayers! I promise I will tell Steve’s God story later about the wreck. 🙂

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