I Need Prayers for Steve!

We were able to bring Steve home last night. Today the home nurse came and found blisters around his wound and he is leaking blood. No fever, but this looks like infection. She said best scenario they put him in hospital again and treat. Worst is they redo the whole knee replacement surgery again. Steve has become anemic from the last surgery!!! We are waiting on lab results in the next few hours. PLEASE pray that Steve heals quickly and if he does have to go to the hospital, that they let him go to the one close to us (not the one that treated him so badly down in Salt Lake City). Please pray for my nerves as I am a mess! Please pray for our children as they are so excited to have Daddy home in time for Christmas. Please pray for Grandma as she is very tired from staying with our children the last few days.

PRAY!!! Please pray for my beloved husband! I just want him back so much!!! I miss my Sweetheart.

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One Response to I Need Prayers for Steve!

  1. Lacey says:

    Oh no! Sorry to hear this. Will keep praying!

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