Our Latest Walk

Thought I better update our blog as many of you have heard the news and are looking for details. πŸ™‚

If you remember our last post, we shared that our children had said “no” to a playhouse in exchange for the money to go towards adopting again. We also have set aside a small amount from our personal possessions that we lost in the fire, that our insurance company reimbursed us. Both of these will go towards our next adoption.

Well, we started working with an attorney this time who works with the Marshallese community in Arkansas. Before you share with me all the media details of a scandal that has recently happened there, please hear me out. We have learned through our adoption walk with Seth that adoption is not all perfect and hunky dorey through any agency, attorney, or in any country. We have friends who have been scammed through adoption agencies, friends who have adopted outside of this country and come home with an unbelievable struggle on their hands, and the stories go on. That being said, yes, we have heard the lastest media on adoption of Marshallese babies/children. Now those of you who don’t know all the scandal, go look it up real quick. πŸ™‚

So, all that being said, we are continuing to trust the Lord in this walk and are moving forward, trusting Him. He has led us to this point. The direction He takes us next is not in our control. We have relinquished that control a long time ago in this adoption walk.

Yesterday, we received the news that we have been matched with a Marshallese birthmother! She is due May 16th with a baby GIRL! We are so excited and yet, at the same time our world is suddenly spinning faster. πŸ™‚

We knew we wanted to adopt again so that Seth would have a sibling close in age and also a sibling that was adopted as well. Steve and I both have felt since our youngest daughter was born, that there were two more children to come into our family. After the two miscarriages, we wondered if we would have any more children. But, the Lord has blessed us with Seth and now a baby girl who will soon enter this world and our lives! We had no idea how fast we would be matched! So, this is going to be like having twins! Our lives are really gonna change! Seth and his baby sis will be 7mths. apart or less if she comes early. So, technically, we can’t call them “Irish Twins”, nor can they be considered true twins, but it certainly will be similar in some ways to having twins!We know it will be hectic. We will be exhausted. We will wonder if we will ever get any chore completed, but it will be such a blessing to have this little princess join our family! Our children will again get to see what a blessing adopting a little one is. They will see the blessing in having a sibling close in age for Seth as they grow older.

Our children already have Sethy Bear totally spoiled. We know they will do the same with Little Princess! πŸ™‚

Those of you that have experience with twins or children born extremely close in age, please share your advice and thoughts! I am already going into a bit of a panic on becoming more organized in our home! We’d welcome your thoughts.

This time around as we have told people that we are adopting again, we’ve received some different responses. Some people have just sat there silent or made a comment on the ethnicity of Little Princess. No real excitement for us. Others have just said, “wow” and gone on with another train of thought. It reminds us of how people were when we told them we were expecting for the 2nd or 3rd or 4th or 5th or 6th time. People weren’t too excited, but we were! That’s okay, we understand. Some people are actually sitting there calculating in their head the number of months apart these babies will be and how much they think we are spending on adopting again. LOL! Yes, that is true. God has provided the means for us to cover the upfront fees of adopting again through our losses. Remember beauty from ashes? This baby is being brought home to our family from our ashes. The ashes of our clothes, blankets, coats, tools, toys, books, albums, etc. are being turned into something so beautiful- a baby!!! We can’t take our possessions with us to Heaven, but this little soul certainly can be there someday with us! Our material possessions here can only rust, mold and burn. We gladly give it all up for this sweet baby girl to be raised for the glory of God in our family! We have been so blessed by our fire.

Yes, we will have some tough days ahead and lots of hard work and yes, lots of tears I am sure. But, what a blessing to be given this sweet baby to raise for His glory. Please pray that we continue to keep our eyes focused on Jesus through it all.

Now for the details of what we need to do to prepare for our baby girl. We need to pull together the funds to travel when Little Princess is due. We will need to stay possibly up to 1.5weeks or 2 weeks there. We are having a yard sale April 26th. We are in need of donations!!! If you have any items that you are planning to donate, please give us a chance at them! We’d gladly pick them up from you. We are looking for clean clothes, books, toys, housewares, linens, baby items, appliances, etc. Right now we have had absolutely zero donations. Please help us get the word out and ask around if anyone would like to donate to our yard sale. The proceeds from this sale will go towards funding our travel expenses. We will be driving for 2 or more days to get there and then need to stay somewhere during that time.

We need help with the yard sale-making posters, sharing the info., making flyers, picking up items, sorting clothes, etc. Our dear friend, Suzanne, has offered to help with the sale on the 26th. Thank you Suzanne! We so appreciate your help! If you’d like to help us too, we would be ever so thankful! We are hoping to make this a big yard sale!!

We are also still having our fundraisers that are listed on the right here. We have a new one starting back up on April 1st with Chrome Buffalo shirts. Make sure and check that one out too! Please take a moment to look through our fundraisers!! Maybe you are looking for some birthday gifts? Mother’s Day gift? Anniversary? Take a moment and shop through our fundraiser links. Every penny counts! Every penny helps pay for travel expenses to bring our baby girl home in May! Please also share the links with your friends.

Want to donate to our adoption travel expense fund, but wish to not make a purchase through our links? Please consider donating through our Adopt Together link. It is tax-deductible!

Want to help us and also enjoy books? Consider having me do an Usborne Books and More show for you! You get lots of FREE books and I raise a few more dollars for our travel expenses. We both benefit. And yes, I’m still giving 100% of my profits if you are an adopting family! I want to help you too!

Now for the details of our Project Ashes to Glory. The shell of our barn is finished. We now are looking to put in a few stalls. We are believing that these stalls will be in by the beginning of May as we have a horse staying in our horse motel then. These stalls are being built with the insurance reimbursement that we are receiving. Please pray that we connect with people that can help us build these stalls in a timely manner for a reasonable cost. We also have horses booked for June as well. So, we need these stalls built! But, you know us…stalls aren’t built yet, but they are booked as we walk in faith. We believe God will help us build these stalls in time!

We are also planning a day camp for children with special needs on our ranch in July. This will only be for two days as we are doing this for our first time here. Next year we may add more days, but this year we are only having two days of camp. The Ashes to Glory Camp will include horse rides, brushing the horses, petting the lambs and kids, learning how goats are milked, learning about and petting the geese(son bought 3 eggs…we are believing they will be here), ducks and chickens, seeing the wool from our sheep, and more. We are in need of someone to volunteer to handspin our wool on those days. Do you know how? We’d love to have you join us! We also need some volunteers to help during the day camp. If you are interested in helping us, please let us know. We are very excited about offering this to children with special needs. This is an opportunity that many of them may not have at this time in their life. What a blessing it will be to see these children smile and laugh as they ride a horse, pet a lamb, spin some wool, and more. Please pray for us to pull together enough volunteers to make this camp successful in July!

I spoke yesterday at our homeschool convention. I was blessed to meet many wonderful families that have walked similar paths as our family. If you are one of those families, please know that I so appreciated your attendance in my workshop. You blessed me by sharing some of your walks of faith. I just feel compelled to remind you again, count it all JOY! You are so blessed to be walking this walk with a child or children with special needs. So blessed.

So, there are the details of our life right now. We give God all the glory. He continues to amaze us.

As you can see, we never have a dull moment around here! LOL!

That’s our latest walk! πŸ™‚

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2 Responses to Our Latest Walk

  1. That news is so exciting! Would you be willing to share your facebook name so Jason and I can follow you more closely? Also, would you like some Pilgrim hatching eggs? We would love to send some. Just let us know.

    • gloryacres says:

      Oh, we would love some Pilgrim hatching eggs! Leif, our 4H champion goose from IN (do you all remember him?) was a Pilgrim!!!!! I want to cry just thinking how God orchestrated this that you have Pilgrim eggs and you are asking if we want some and we just lost our only, beloved Pilgrim goose, Leif, in our fire on Christmas Eve. God does not stop amazing us! Oh, thank you, Lord for thinking of the little details in our life- Pilgrim goose eggs. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. So, yes, we’d love some. Please email us and let us know what you’d like for them. πŸ™‚ My facebook name is “MichelleLynn”. You can email me your name. Thank you again. Thank you so much. Tell Jason that the Poultry Boy is showing (Lord willing that eggs hatch) again this year in 4H and has also decided to take on a pig to show. LOL!

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