Walking in the Whirlwind of Life

Suddenly our world is spinning a little faster just in the past week. It is hard to comprehend that we will meet our birthmom and Little Princess in 6 weeks or less. Yes, 6 weeks or less! We have a list about a yard long of what we need to get done to prepare for our horse motel business, our summer Ashes to Glory camp here on our ranch, making travel plans, finalizing Seth’s adoption on the 16th of this month, preparing for half our crew to stay home while we travel (that means FOOD stocked up and lots of it!!!), trying to become more organized in prep. for having “twins” soon, finishing up school, and the list goes on.

Steve told his boss yesterday about us adopting again. He told Steve that he had been having a tough day, but when he heard that we were adopting again, he said, ” That makes my day. I am so happy to hear that you all are adopting again. That makes me happy. I think it is great what you are doing”. 🙂 That was nice to hear those words of encouragement.

We’ve had people come and drop off donations for our yard sale. What a sweet surprise to hear our dogs start barking and we look out the window to see a truck backing in, filled with yard sale items! One dear friend actually drove an hour to bring us milk for Seth and donations for our sale! Thank you Ashley, Shanna, Beth, Jessica, Shannon, and Hannah. We so appreciate your donations. Now, pray that all will sell at our sale on April 26th! 🙂 If you have donations, we’d gladly take them. Just give us a holler to come get them. Every penny earned will go towards our travel and legal expenses.

We are still believing that the Lord will help us build some stalls in our barn before time to board some horses in May for our motel. Please pray that these stalls, the electricity, etc. gets done this month!

While we are on prayer requests, would you all please pray for Little Princess to be healthy and to come on a Wednesday or Thursday? See, we can only finalize (yes, we get to finalize before coming home!) on a Wednesday and it has to be at least 5 days after Little Princess’ birth. If she arrives on a different day of the week, then that means we stay another whole extra week waiting to finalize. We really, really, really do not want to be gone that long. We want to come home quickly and have our whole family together again as one. We will stay as long as the Lord wills, but it sure would be nice if we could come home sooner than later.

Please also pray that we will be able to adjust to elevation change when we come back home. They say when you leave high elevation living for more than 3 days, it becomes a challenge again to function at high altitude levels. We are hoping it doesn’t take us as long to readjust when we come home as it did when we moved here. That took us 3 months! We need to arrive with energy to care for our family!

We are also working on pulling together our camp plans for our Ashes to Glory Day Camp in July. If you’d like to volunteer to help us, we’d love it! We need volunteers to help make flyers, handing out flyers, working the day of camp with the children, someone who can hand-spin, etc. Let us hear from you!

Speaking of volunteers, if you have a spare few hours on the 26th, we’d love your help with our yard sale. We could use some help before that day in organizing the items for sale as well. We don’t have a ton of items to sell, but we are believing that we will receive more items to sell.

We are also having a Paint for Little Princess fundraiser at our local pottery painting shop this Saturday. We will earn 40% on each item painted/bought! Please pray that many will come to paint a piece of artwork to take home and will help us raise funds to travel to get Little Princess.

Next week we are also taking many items to a church sale in SLC to sell at their consignment sale. Please pray that our items sell! We get to keep 60% of the profits! All that goes directly in our adoption fund too.

Would you like to help us with raising funds to travel to get Little Princess and finalize her adoption? Please share our links with your friends. Our links on the right side all help us with raising these funds. Thank you for taking a moment and reading through them.

We’ve been asked what we need for our Little Princess. Well, God has already taken care of a couple of the items without the person that gave it to us knowing! We knew we needed another car seat and yesterday my friend, Beth, showed up with a car seat from a lady that was giving Beth donor milk to take for Seth. The lady heard our story from Beth and gave her a car seat! We now have two car seats for babies!!! God continues to amaze us! We also knew we needed to get another crib, but the lady also just so happened to send with Beth a bassinet! Now we will have a bed for each baby until they get big enough for cribs. Then we will get a crib. 🙂

So, that being said, we know He knows what we need and will provide for us. However, if you know of anyone getting rid of baby girl items, please give us a holler. We have 3 gowns for a girl and one girl blanket. All the other baby girl items burned up in our barn fire on Christmas Eve. We had all of our girls’ shoes, clothes, bonnets, socks, tights, blankets, etc. in the upper level of our barn waiting to someday be used for a baby girl. 🙂 That’s okay, we are being blessed with so much more than material possessions. We would gladly give it all again. Steve had a moment about a year ago where he sat quietly in his truck praying and reading his Bible. He was struggling with knowing how we would be able to adopt as we did not have that kind of money lying around and did not want to go into debt over it. We knew we were called to adopt, but how? Suddenly, it was as if God were speaking directly to him. The answer? Steve was to let go of the concern about providing for the adoption as He would provide for TWO adoptions. At that time we knew we’d love to have two more children (long story, but this desire has been there for over 6 years), but had no clue how we’d even have enough money to pay for one adoption, let alone two! Here we are a year later, adopting our second baby! God did it all! We know that He will provide the travel and legal needs as well. Our ashes have provided the fees to adopt, now we only have to cover the travel and legal expenses. Praise the Lord! We had no idea how we would adopt two babies and yet, our loss has also been our gain. Any time I think of something we lost in our fire, I just remember that we are being blessed with a new barn, stalls, new friendships due to the fire on the mountain at 4:30AM that Christmas Eve that turned into a light unto the people, a stronger faith, another beautiful God story, and adopting a beautiful baby girl all for tons less that the actual value of the barn! Now that is God! We are so thankful for our losses and tough times. We count it all JOY!

Our biggest need in helping us bring Little Princess home is to cover our travel, lodging, and legal expenses. We may be gone up to two weeks. Praying it’s not any longer than that! We will be traveling to southern Arkansas, so, it is halfway across the country for us. Pray for us to have safe travels too, as we are driving the whole trip. Pray for the ranch to run smoothly while we are gone- safety and patience with all left home, no more escapes from our main ram, no deaths in the livestock or pets, no broken fences, you get the picture.

If you are someone who has called us, sent us an email, etc. and not heard back from us immediately, please understand that our life is a whirlwind right now. Steve and I are waking up at 3:30AM and 4AM in the mornings to feed Seth and then not able to get back to sleep. Our minds start thinking of all we need to get done in the next few weeks. So, we may forget to respond or we may just not check voicemails for several days, but know that we still love you and appreciate your prayers and support.

We are so blessed to be walking in the whirlwind of life.

P.S. Almost forgot to tell you! Our newest fundraiser through Chrome Buffalo just started today!!! Please take a moment and check it out! Look over to the right!

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