God Provides As We Walk

I’ll try to keep this short. 🙂

Seth is growing like a weed. He continues to battle eczema on his body, but thank God he is still growing well. We have tried all kinds of creams, prescriptions, supplements, etc. and nothing has worked yet. We know his immune system is definitely compromised, but other than that we are still trying to figure out the answer to his eczema. We’ve had tons of suggestions and tried them all, seen 3 different doctors, talked with others, and still not solved the great mystery. We just continue each day to slather on creams and pray for his healing.

It’s hard to believe that soon he will have a little sister to share his day with! We have less than 5 weeks until we plan to leave for our Little Princess.

At this point, we have $1500 towards the $7000 goal we have for travel (we are driving), lodging, and the legal fees. If you feel led to help us in this journey, please shop through one of our links to the right, share the links with others, and/or donate items to our yard sale that is April 26th. We also could use volunteers to help us with our yard sale and car wash that day. If you are interested in helping, please give us a holler!

We are believing that God will provide the needed funds to cover our travel and legal expenses. He has provided up to this point and He will not leave us. We are also believing He will provide the method to getting our horse stalls built before our horse customers start coming in next month. Please pray for all these pieces to fall into place quickly.

Please continue to pray for Little Princess to be born healthy and strong. Pray that all goes well on our trip there and back.

We continue to whirl around in our whirlwind lives right now. I’m doing two adoption fundraisers with Usborne Books (in the next week) for a friend’s daughter who is adopting from Ethiopia. I am also doing one for us. We are working on our barn, cleaning up the scrap metal (which we are turning in for $ to help w/travel and legal fees) from our old and new barn, doing our regular homeschool activities (which seem to be many lately), preparing to build a pig sty for Prince #2’s 4H project, preparing to get the pig, preparing for our beef calves (anyone want a share? Let us know if so! They are going fast), packing for our trip, searching for places to stay on our trip, searching for breastmilk donors, trying to stock the pantry for our time away, shearing sheep, preparing for our Ashes to Glory camp in July, making flyers for our yard sale and our camp, Steve works during the week at his regular job, did I mention that we are whirling right now? LOL! Pray for us to have peace during this hurried time. Pray for the people that can help us through this whirlwind to step forward and offer help. Pray for our rest in this craziness.

We know God will provide all we need rather it be through objects or people. Just as we needed socks for Seth, He provided. I had not shared with anyone our need and planned to go and buy him some socks as he had outgrown the other sizes. Amazingly, a lady at Steve’s work showed up with literally over 30 pairs of socks for Seth from her grandson! I have to laugh as I see all the socks overflowing out of the sock basket now. 🙂

He also has provided plenty of clothes for Seth (remember our baby boy and girl clothes all burned up?) during this time of his life. I go to open his drawer and clothes are popping out all over! I giggle to myself as I reach for a shirt to put on him. God is good. All the time.

So, we know that He will provide, but our flesh tends to get caught up in the hurriedness of preparing for our Little Princess at times. 🙂

Please take a moment and share our links and/or shop through them!

God provides as we walk.

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