This Joyous Walk

I have had many moments lately where the Lord has just given me JOY and I find myself smiling quietly.

The other day I was making muffins for breakfast when I heard Princess #2 around the corner hug Seth and say, “Seth, I love you SO much!!!” I smiled to myself as I thought about how wonderful it is to hear and see the love in our children for little Sethy Bear.

Then within just minutes of hearing those words, I had Princess #1 in the kitchen mixing up her milk replacer for her twin goat kids. She had brought up one of the goat kids to the house. See, the twins’ mother disowned them after they were born and they both almost died. We thought the girl wouldn’t make it for sure. They both were freezing cold inside their mouths when we found them. We put them on the dining table in a box with a light and began our work of saving them one Sunday morning. Princess #1 brings the doeling up to the house daily. On this day she said, “I love you SO much Snowbelle” as she squeezed her tight. I smiled…ah, the love and joy that I am blessed to hear out of our children’s mouths.

Later that same day, Prince #3 was found sitting at the dining table teaching Princess #2 how to do a word search and spell certain words. He calmly helped her through his activity book he had made for her to do. Ah, such joy I felt as I heard the two of them working together quietly at the table. These are memories that they are making and will carry with them the rest of their lives. How sweet!

Then that afternoon, I looked out our front window to find Prince #1 and Princess #1 riding bikes together in a circle, chatting away about Princess #1’s goat business. 🙂 Joy felt again in the love they share.

And behind me sat Prince #4 calmly dismantling a broken vacuum cleaner to turn in for scrap metal. He and Prince #2 were discussing how much the metal was worth. They’ve been helping us gather the scrap metal from the burned barn. We have made 4 (one hour trips) trips into the scrap metal place this past week. We are turning in our scrap metal from our burned barn to pay for our trip to get Little Princess. Remember, beauty from ashes? Again, I felt joy as I saw our two sons working together to help us raise funds to travel and also to make some money for themselves as well.

At church this week, one dear friend gave us a sweet, baby girl sleeper! We have 3 gowns and now 2 sleepers for Little Princess! I smiled as I remembered that God will provide on this walk and He never fails us. Such joy!

We also were given a sweet gift from another dear friend that was a cross. On it, it says, “Glorify the Lord”. We count it joy to praise and glorify the Lord. What a blessing we have been given.

On that same day at church, our pastor’s wife gave us clothes for Seth to wear in another month or so! Again, I was reminded how the Lord cares for us. Such sweetness.

Also, this week, I went into our chiropractor’s office and was greeted with an “Are you still in need of donor milk?” question from our chiropractor. I almost laughed out loud with joy at that moment as I knew that again the Lord was providing for our needs. I hadn’t said a word to the chiropractor about needing milk in months and yet, here he was asking me if I’d like to meet their friend to get some milk from her. I was reassured again that Seth and Little Princess will be taken care of. He does not leave us.

And today? Today Seth legally became our son! We finalized his adoption in court today. This day was a long, awaited day that caused us to hold our breath at times, not knowing what could happen in between placement time and finalization time. What a blessing to be told Seth’s adoption is now legal and official. How interesting that his finalization is exactly one month from Little Princess’ due date. How interesting that this day is also exactly 18mths. since we left Indiana for Utah.

So blessed by this joyous walk!

P.S. We have found a wonderful place to stay where the owner is giving us a great deal during our adoption of Little Princess! We now have enough funds to cover the cost of fuel there and back. We are still working to raise the funds to cover our lodging and our legal fees. Please pray that our yard sale on the 26th will provide what we need! We are also going to do a Delicate Fortress fundraiser again on the 29th. You may remember that from last year. Beautiful products made by sweet women who have escaped slavery, and other unsavory conditions who now create these beautiful items. Please watch for info. about this fundraiser in a week or so! If you’d like to help us with our yard sale/car wash, please give us a holler. We are still in need of soap, sponges, and old towels for our car wash if you have any.

And a last little prayer request. Prince #4 has outgrown something. He keeps saying he wants me to find one at a yard sale or on freecycle. I have not found one for his size yet. God knows what it is that this little son of ours wants so much. I have asked Prince #4 to be in prayer about it and reminded him that God hears our prayers even for the small things and He does answer them. If you feel led, please pray that our son will see his prayers answered soon.

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