Counting This Walk All Joy!

Our whirlwind has continued the past few weeks. We are trying to get our horse stalls built before we leave, so that the horse motel clients that are coming actually have stalls for their horses. Steve and the boys have spent every evening and this past weekend, along with all day on Friday working on building the stalls. They now have two walls up. Praise God! We are in desperate need of help/volunteers to help us screw 3,000 screws into the horse stalls, help us spread aggregate in our turnouts, help us sort donations on Friday for our sale, help us transport donations on Friday to our church, and help us with our car wash and yard sale on Saturday. Lord, bring those people to help us!

Last night I heard my phone make the “text message” noise as I was walking in the room with Seth. I knew instinctively that it was our birthmom. She and I have been texting every day this past week. I also froze feeling that she must be in labor! Panic struck me! Her English is not very good, so, all I could get from her is the doctor said she had one more week before the baby comes. I hurriedly texted our translater, who talked with the doctors this morning. She said she is still due on May 28th (WHAT????? What happened to she was due on May 16th????) and that the doctors think she will go a week early. However, she said to listen to our birthmom as she knows her body better than the doctors. Oh, thanks for a lot of answers! Ugh. So, when is she due? Only the Lord knows. When do we leave? Only the Lord knows. Will our FBI fingerprints/checks get back in time for us to finalize Little Princess’ adoption quickly? Only the Lord knows. We know nothing! Absolutely nothing! We are “free-spirits” at the moment and I don’t do well as a “free-spirit”. Those of you that know me, know I like to plan things and be somewhat organized. šŸ™‚ So, we wait on the Lord. His time, not ours.

We have been tying up loose ends this past week- dentist visits, eye dr. appts., dr. visits, CPR testing for our older children, working daily on the horse stalls, etc. Hopefully, most of the loose ends will be tied before we are called away.

Please pray that our FBI background checks get completed in time for us to finalize. They usually take 22 days! We don’t have 22 days it looks like. God can do this!

The other day I asked God to confirm for me that we are walking in the right direction and that this is His doing, not ours. You know how you start to question yourself and ask if you are trying to push something to happen? You know how you start to wonder if somehow you “made” it happen? Well, I was there the other day. It went something like this, “Lord, we are going to basically have twins!!! What are we THINKING??? No, WHAT are WE thinking?? What are we doing? We could be taking the money and buying stuff(yep, my flesh was raring its ugly head), going on vacations, get furniture that actually matches, actually buy some dishes that match, blah, blah. Ah, yes, but our treasures are in Heaven, I know Lord! But, this is going to be tough the first year…are we too old? What ARE we thinking? Please, Lord give me a sign, speak to me, confirm to me that we are walking in the right direction.” Then yesterday as I was checking out of a doctor’s office, a lady that was waiting in the lobby just 2 feet from me said something about going to Arkansas in the next week or so. I spoke up and told her we were going there too as our baby is going to be born there. We chatted for a minute. Then the lady that was checking me out, said, “Well, I am moving out of the country in the next few weeks.” I asked her where she was going. She said, “The Marshall Islands.” I about fell over. Our baby’s birthmother is from the Marshall Islands and now lives in AR. She is delivering our baby girl in AR!!! Now how can you say that was not planned by God??? That was my confirmation. We are walking in the right direction! How on earth could two people be sitting within a couple feet of me and talking to me about where they are going and they both mention places that make connections for me??? No that is not coincidence! God is here always! That was all I needed to reassure me that He has this under control and that we are following His lead.

So, the next time I post, I may have exciting news and then again, we may still be home waiting for a call! šŸ™‚

We received many “how can we help?” questions when we suffered the loss of our barn, Steve wrecked his truck into the mountain, had his knee replacement, and we lost our dog. We shared at times ways that others could help. If you knew us well, you would know that we have been the most independent people around at times and never needed help. However, the Lord has dealt with that fleshly issue of ours and we have found ourselves asking for help over the past year. I am tired of asking for help and long to be able to reach out and help others instead of being on the receiving end, but that is not where the Lord has us right now. We still need $3,000 to travel and pay legal fees to adopt Little Princess. Yes, we chose this path of adoption. However, if you take a moment and read your Bible, you will see that God has a lot to say about caring for the orphan. Is this baby an orphan at the moment? No, but she will be if we do not adopt her. We do not want to see any child put in this situation. We have been praying hard and working hard to pay for this adoption. God even had a “yard sale” on Christmas Eve for us with our barn to help us out. It’s okay…we can have a sense of humor about our loss. Our children gave up their playhouse to adopt a baby sister. We have given much. Remember ashes for beauty? I have come to understand this line so much better in the past 4 months. This has become real to us. Very real. Only the Lord knew that the tears we shed in December would soon rise up in pure joy over a beautiful baby joining our family. I cannot thank the Lord enough for our suffering. Do you know what joy I feel over the struggles and suffering we have had? I so understand how Paul counted it all joy in the Bible. We have been so blessed to be able to share our faith with others during this walk, so blessed to meet new friends along this walk, so blessed to see the glory of the Lord through it all, so blessed…so blessed. This walk has brought us JOY.

So, if you feel led to volunteer an hour or two of your time, here’s where we need help at this moment. We need help with our barn stalls. We need help with transporting our donations on Friday to our church. We need help with our car wash and yard sale on Saturday. We need old towels and soap for the car wash. If you feel led, we would joyfully accept any help that you can give. šŸ™‚

We are counting this walk all joy!

P.S. Update as of 5/1/14 We now are down to needing $2,924 for our travel and legal expenses! Praise God! Please shop our links to the right and help us meet this goal!

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