Walking the Final Stretch

This is going to be a short post. We are heading out soon to meet our birthmom and baby girl. Please continue to pray for our birthmom’s health. Please also pray for our baby girl’s health. Prayers for our travel and our health would be appreciated as well. Prayers for the courts to finalize Little Princess’ adoption quickly would be appreciated too! Prayers for Steve to be able to get quite a bit of his work done while we are on the road are needed too. He is pretty much out of vacation days and cannot take leave as we need the money. So, he is working on the road daily. This will not be a vacation for us for the most part. Pray for our sleep too! πŸ™‚

We are still being told from the translater, our birthmom, and the paralegal that the due date is May 28th, but that she will arrive earlier. I believe this to be true as most Marshallese are smaller in stature and compared to our “average” size charts they do not measure up the same. Hence, most of my friends who have adopted Marshallese babies, have had “early” babies. πŸ™‚ So, we are not counting on May 28th as the actual due date. Plus, if the ultrasound was done late in the pregnancy that makes a big difference too. After Little Princess arrives, we will then finalize in court, hopefully five days later. Pray we do not get stuck there and have to wait weeks as some of my friends have had to do. We cannot afford to be gone that long from Steve’s work and the rest of our family. Staying away from home, fuel costs, etc. are going to add up quickly if we have to stay extra weeks.

We are still in need of our last $2,000 for the legal fees. We know God will provide. How can you help us? You can share our story with others and ask them to shop through our links to the right. You can hold a fundraiser for us if you’d like. πŸ™‚ At this point, we are not doing anymore fundraisers. We have been fundraising for two straight years and are exhausted. We would like to challenge all of you that read this, to donate $10 to our adoption fund. It is located to the right here. If each of you that read this blog post today donated $10, we could come a lot closer to having the legal fees in hand before we begin our trip to get Little Princess. No, we are not putting the money into new clothes for our children (we garage and thrift sale shop), house furnishings (have you seen our furniture? none of it matches and half of it has holes or is falling apart), vacations (what is that?), food ( that comes from Steve’s paycheck), or anything else that you can wonder about. Every penny given to us goes into our adoption fund and that is how we are paying for this adoption. So, if you’d like to donate $10 to our fund, you will know where the money is going. You will see our daughter after we bring her home. You may also come over and check out our furniture and clothes if you like too. LOL! Just sharing, because some people have been totally appalled at the thought of helping a family adopt. You know the saying, “If you need help paying for the adoption, then you don’t need to adopt.” And you know some of the thoughts back are, “well, did you pay cash for that car you are driving or did you take out a loan? how about your vacation- all cash? And did you have to pay mega dollars to deliver your biological children?” and then I have to remind myself to hold my tongue and instead share God’s word on adoption. My flesh does try to get in the way at times. πŸ™‚ So, yes, we are trying to adopt Little Princess debt-free, just as we did for Seth. And yes, we will be able to cover the food, medical, clothing, etc. expenses through the years for our children.

Either way, God has this!

We are walking in the final stretch!

P.S. Just received word that Steve will be in PA on our anniversary. I may be alone with a newborn baby at that point! And half our children! AAAGGHHH!!! Pray for Steve’s safe travels, my sanity, and anything else you feel led to pray for for us!

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