Asking for Forgiveness on This Walk

Lord, hear my cry!

Forgive me for wanting to scream out at Seth’s birthmom, “What were you thinking when you were taking all those drugs and smoking????”. Remind me to continue to pray for her to be led to you, Lord. Remind me that our beloved son would not be in our arms if it were not for her choices.

Forgive me for growing weary of all the stares and comments about Seth’s eczema. Give me patience, Lord. Give me love for those people.

Forgive me for feeling frustration as I try a new cream, supplement, technique or doctor almost weekly for Seth’s skin.

Forgive Seth’s birthmom for all the terrible things she did to her body while carrying him for 9mths. For she is addicted and cannot help herself. Only YOU can help her.

Lord, continue to help me hold back the tears as I lean over Seth while bathing him and he is screaming with frustration over all the itching. Help me hold those tears in as I do not want him to look into my eyes and see my pain over his pain. I do not want him to become upset and worried.

Lord, continue to keep me strong in this often times lonely walk. You walked so far that day long ago, carrying the heavy wooden cross on your back for me. I know I can walk this walk with you holding my hand.

Forgive me for being impatient and wanting an answer for Seth’s eczema immediately from a doctor, pharmacist, friend, article, etc. Help me to continue to lean on you and wait on you to lead me to the answers. Help me to continue to trust you in all that we do.

Lord, help me as I sit quietly at night or early in the mornings and cry to you. Help me continue to get up and be strong for our family. Hear my prayers, oh, Lord. Hear them and answer them soon. I know you will in your time.

Lord, just hold our sweet son in your arms and help his eczema, itching, bleeding, oozing, and digestive issues to heal. Give him healing, Lord. Give him a beautiful life to live where he will always give you glory in all he does. Let him tell of his faith to others.

Lord, forgive me for whining to you as I know things could be so much worse. We are so blessed with the life we live. Thank you for loving us, Lord.

I am humbly coming before You, asking forgiveness on this walk.

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