Walking With A Couple of Awesome Young Men

Today I want to share with you some awesome young men in our life. Prince 1 and Prince 2, otherwise known as our oldest boys, have really started to show us much fruit in their lives lately.

The beginning of August, we participated in our 4H fair. Prince 2 showed his goose that he hatched this year from our neighbor. He also showed his Muscovy duck. Our neighbor is not a Believer. In fact, I don’t know if she believes much of anything spiritually. She does not like children/kids she says. The first day our son stopped to talk with her about her geese, she answered him in a somewhat “icey” tone he says. Ironically, she has taken an immense liking to Prince 2, now a year later! She even told her friend how she does not like any children, but there is just something about our son that she is drawn to. She enjoys talking with him and sharing her geese stories with him. This same neighbor came for the first time ever to the 4H fair this year. She wanted to see our son’s goose and duck and how they did in the show. While she was there, she went over to see some of our projects. Prince 2 had made an illumination of a Scripture on a posterboard. She asked him about the Scripture and he was given a wonderful opportunity to share his faith with her. He also asked her a few weeks before the fair, where she thought she was going when she died. They had an interesting talk. I am so proud of this son. I have known since day one that he would be like this someday. He is bold. He is determined that people will know the Truth. At 11 he wrote our farrier a letter asking him to accept Jesus into his heart. Our farrier was a Native American and continued to share that all people can get to Heaven no matter their belief. Our son continued to share with him that there is only ONE way to God and that is through Jesus Christ. He did this at age 11! I can only wish that I had that faith and knowledge at that age. I was clueless at that point in my life.

So, back to our neighbor, she is coming around us often and spending time with us. She cusses like a sailor, but she is receiving the seeds that our family, and especially Prince 2, plants in her heart and mind. We continue to pray for her and her husband. We are also so thankful to see that our children are emitting a light to others that draws them to our children, wanting to know more about Jesus. This is a constant prayer with us, that we may all be a light unto others.

By the end of August, we were blessed to go camping together at the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and Bryce Canyon. BEAUTIFUL! None of us had ever seen any thing like these amazing God-formed areas! On the last night at our campground, hubby, the 6 youngest children and I were sound asleep at 11PM. Guess where Prince 1 and Prince 2 were? Not in their tent, but in the game room with two wild, inappropriate, raucous, half-drunk Aussies (Australians) witnessing to them. They spent until the wee hours of the morning sharing Jesus with these men. They laughed at our sons and made fun of Jesus. Our sons continued to talk with them and share. By the end of their time together, one of the men actually asked our son how he could be saved! Ironically, the other man lives literally 15-20 minutes from us!

The next morning I awoke, hearing Prince 2 telling the story of their night with the Aussies to my husband. Wow! What a way to wake up- hearing that my sons were not ashamed of their faith and were willing to share it with these wild and crazy men. Praise the Lord for their hearts for Jesus! We are so blessed!

Then there was the eye doctor appointment with Prince 1. He needed glasses, but refused to even consider any of the glasses available on the wall. He only wanted to see the glasses that our insurance would cover that were in the little box behind our eye doctor’s desk. 🙂 Bless his heart for watching out for us financially and not batting an eye about it.

We are walking with a couple of awesome young men!

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