Walking with Jesus in the IV Room

So many friends have asked us to tell them more about what Lyme disease is.  I’ll tell you this much.  It is wicked.  It is debilitating.  It is discouraging. It is painful.  It is unlike what you ever imagined going through.

On my mirror, I wrote in soap, these words a couple days ago:

Length of Treatment Currently:  3 weeks

Average Treatment Time: 3 years

Goal (mine): 1 year   (so, this might not be realistic, but I’m allowed)

I stare at these words every day.  Every day I am reminded how far I have come and how far I have to go.

In just three short weeks, I have lost what seems to me to be like 90% of my normal life. Three weeks ago I was driving sons to work and school, running errands, hiking in OK with our children in the woods, walking into buildings without feeling like I was going to pass out, able to grocery shop, and so much more.  Now I am having to ask friends to drive me places, drive our sons to work and school, spending most of my days on the couch and being thrilled if I pop up and get on the computer (we don’t have an iPhone) for a few minutes, being happy when I finally have a night where my blood sugar doesn’t bottom out and I don’t spend the whole night with chills and internal trembling, being thrilled when I don’t have “crawling” in my brain, happy to remember things once in awhile,  thankful when my hands are no longer tingling, and more.

Some have told us that they thought I’d be well in a couple weeks. No, that is not the case.  We are looking at years because this is Chronic and Acute that we are dealing with now.  It’s not my first tick bite and only an Acute case. 😦

So, while I waited in the lobby of my doctor’s office on Thursday morning after Seth’s appointment (he was bit by tick with erhrlichia which is very dangerous in the very young and elderly, otherwise known as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever) with our Pediatric Lyme doctor, I leaned my head back on the couch and began to pray.  I prayed for the doctors, the receptionists, the IV guy and his assistant, and all the patients I watched walk in and out of the IV room for treatments.  Then a little while later when I found myself in the IV room, I began to share God stories- hubby’s knee replacement, hubby’s truck wreck that he shouldn’t have been able to walk away from, the barn fire, the miscarriages we went through, and more.  As I told these stories, I watched faces light up in the room and smile!  I saw hope in their eyes.  They laughed with me as I told funny parts of our life too.  One patient told me that I am obviously a very strong woman because she could never have gone through all that and survived.  I then was able to share with her that it is my faith in the Lord and that I cling to Him.  After I was stuck three times (kinda the norm. w/me because my veins are terrible…they are wanting to put a PICC line in me in a few weeks) and we finally got an IV going in my hand, we all talked some more and shared more life stories.  Most of us know so well what it is like to miss our old, normal lives, what it is like to have pain, what it is like to take zillions of supplements daily, and more. Finally, my IV treatment and oxygen therapy was done and it was time to undo me.  The IV guy told me he was gonna beat himself up over having to stick me 3 times that day.  I told him that everyone has bad days and not one of us on this earth is perfect.  I asked him if from now on we could make a deal- he pray before we try and stick me for an IV, just as I do each time.  He said he normally prayed every morning, but would agree to pray before sticking me.  I told him we can pray all day, not just in the morning.

Then I met with the doctor and an RN who she is mentoring.  She went over the high levels of mold and more in my body.  Let’s put it this way, I’ve got tons of work cut out for me over the next year (notice I did not say 3 years….you can give me that much….let me believe) fighting this stuff.  She said she was still thinking about which part we needed to start battling first and wanted me as her partner to be thinking about it too.  I sat there for a minute and then said, ” I know what we need to do.”

She asked what it was that we needed to do first.  I answered, “pray”.

She agreed and said they used to have prayer circles before surgery years ago. 🙂

I told her that they are either gonna love me or hate me while I was there, but either way I’d be sharing my faith. She patted me on the shoulder and said, “It’s too late, Michelle, we already are in-love with you.”

Earlier as I had shared with the doctor that I had been praying for each person there that day, she broke down and cried. She told be of a patient (unnamed) who was wanting to inflict self-harm on herself because her family thinks she looks “normal” and therefore Lyme should not be causing her so many issues.  Her family does not believe her and she wants to harm herself because of it.  I told her I’d pray for that patient too (have no idea who it is, but God does) and the doctor told me that she’d like me to meet her sometime because she needs encouragement through this walk.  I watched as tears streamed out of her eyes and she told she prays every night for all of us patients. Then she jumped up and said, after talking with me she knew she needed to go call her patient who was struggling so much right then and there.

Will you please join me in praying? Please pray for Dr. W, Dr. G, A, C, C, A, S, S, J, K, and anyone else who comes to mind who is suffering or working with chronically ill patients.  The Lord knows who these initials stand for.  He will hear your prayers. Please pray for them!  They are suffering so much and want so badly to be well.

We’ve been asked what others can do for us besides pray.  First and foremost, don’t stop praying, but after that you can share our links to our home businesses.  Insurance is not covering our treatments and we are working hard to not go into debt over the treatments. So, if you feel inclined, please share the links that I will post at the bottom of this post.

Also, if you feel led to help us out with putting up hay (doing that today, tomorrow and Aug. 10), cleaning, driving, etc., most likely you’ll find us accepting your help.  We hate asking for help and have had to ask quite a bit lately, but it makes it a bit easier to accept help than ask for it, you know?  Steve is working himself to pieces- putting up hay, working a full-time job, dropping off and picking up sons from school and work when he can, dealing with a flood in our kitchen and basement that is now being ripped apart (will be cooking outside on a grill for several weeks/months or eating food out of a can until we have our kitchen built back), grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions,  etc.  He literally has 50 plates spinning in the air! This guy is my super hero!  I ask that you please pray for Steve to continue to have strength and energy to care for our family. He is exhausted and I see it, but cannot do anything to help him.  Our children are amazing most days too- caring for twins, cooking, cleaning, etc.  One day Prince 4 and Princess 1 made soup and they knew that I couldn’t eat what they put in the soup.  So, while I was gone to IV therapy, they made me a special pot of soup just for me!  When I got home, they fixed me a bowl of it! I literally cried when our son handed it to me.  They thought of me while I was gone all day to the doctor’s office and made me something special. It was the sweetest gift! 🙂

Please remember that no matter your situation, you can always encourage someone else and you can always share your faith. Just like me walking with Jesus in the IV room.


Links for our home businesses:

http://www.w3657.myubam   (Usborne Books and More- we have speicals running right now, check out our FB page or ask me about them, I also can do online parties)

http://www.gloryacres.nerium.com  (Nerium International-  EHT has been a lifesaver for our family!)

Glory Acres Ranch Horse Motel- look us up on FB and share or tell others about us.  We also have business cards you can hand out. In fact, we have business cards for all of the above that we’d love for you to share with others.

Jacob wool- we have Jacob raw fleece available from this year’s shearing! Send people our way!









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