God is Sovereign on This Walk

I’ve been thinking lately about what I should name my next blog post.  For weeks, ideas have floated through my head.  I had thought about naming this, “Pictures on our Walk” and share pictures that I have taken of my IV bag, of the blood (gross, right?) pooling out of my body for an ozone IV, of our new ozone machine that many people came together and blessed us with, etc., but instead today I am going to share another God story.  Of course, all of the picture ideas are part of our everyday God story too.

Steve has a former boss that he worked for in MA and out here in UT.  He and this boss, Dave, are good friends and always talk even when they are not working for the same company.  A year and a half ago, Dave took a job with a different company and things started to really go south with Steve’s work after that.  Dave thought he might have a job for Steve, but it turned out that he did not.  However, last year we had started to pack up our things in anticipation for a big cross-country move again if Dave had a job for Steve.  We packed for about 3 months and then we stopped.  At that time Steve started talking to a variety of recruiters about finding a different job.

We both had said originally that we wanted to stay here in UT, but ironically, when the possibility of moving back east to the green grass, trees, creeks, frogs, etc. came up, we became excited about it.  Then when it fizzled out, we decided to take matters into our own hands. You know how that goes, don’t you?  Well, we continued to search for a new job daily for almost a year. Then a day after we came home from the NCFCA Nationals in OK with Lyme Disease, Steve and I both came to the conclusion on our own that we did not want to search for a job anymore.  We were faced with fighting for five of our lives and major medical bills.  We could in no way afford a move at that point.  We both agreed that if God wanted us somewhere else in this world, he’d drop the possibility right in our laps. We stopped looking on the job sites, stopped talking to recruiters, etc.  We just went on with life, which was a scary battle for months.  We had to trust that God is sovereign and He would get us through this battle.

Here we are almost 5 months later, and our children are doing well with Lyme treatment.  I have come back to life again and am having more good days than bad finally. Praise the Lord!  It feels so good to have some normalcy in our lives.  Over the months I went from only being able to take a few steps in front of our house to walking almost a mile with many breaks along the way. 🙂  I went from being unable to remember things, unable to find words to speak, unable to get off the couch, unable to drive, unable to stop shaking, and so much more to remembering most things (not perfect!), finding my words again for the most part, staying off the couch most days (still have some days where I am on it), driving short distances, no longer shaking all day long, and more.  This battle for my life a second time with Lyme has given me unbelievable strength and courage in day-to-day life and for that I am so thankful .  I have always been a rebel and fighter and that is what I needed the most from my flesh to do battle with Lyme.  And most of all I needed God who carried me through. I realize I am still doing battle daily as I take another pill, do another treatment, etc., but I am alive! I am able to read books again with our children.  I am able to hear loud sounds most of the time and so much more.  Praise the Lord!

This takes us to our news today.  It began on August 30th, when out of the blue a recruiter who Steve had never spoken to, contacted him about a potential position in Cincinnati. When he told me about it, I actually said, “Oh NO!” because I did not want to go back to all the traffic and people.  I’m a cowgirl at heart and love the great span of land here. Steve told me not to worry and that it probably wouldn’t be a fit anyway, but he’d be talking to her the next week.  He interviewed with the recruiter the next week, then he interviewed with his future boss  a few more weeks later, then he flew out to Cincinnati for interviews a few weeks later, then he interviewed on the phone with some of the corporate people, then he flew to New Jersey to meet with more corporate people, and then we sat back and waited to see what they would say.  Yesterday Steve signed on with his new company in Cincinnati!  And turned in his resignation letter here.

Many of have said that we seem happy about this and you know what? We are.  The idea grew on all of us over time as we considered the move back to our home area.  We admitted that we did miss some things and people from back home.  It’s what we knew and had grown up with.  We had only shared with a few close friends back east about our potential move for the past few months. Ironically, God used them in our story too. 🙂

We are looking to downsize in acreage and house size.  We need to have more money available for medical needs and maybe to just breathe a bit once in awhile. This move should provide this, Lord willing, after we sell this house here in UT. It will be a change for everyone.  Our children have enjoyed the acreage and the space in the house, but we feel that this will be a good thing in downsizing and purging of unnecessary items.  Our children have surprised us in what they are already donating or selling to make room to live in a smaller house. We have even considered moving into a house with only two bedrooms. Yes, you read that right!  We considered doing this to keep the cost down while we waited to sell the UT house and then could add a bedroom on.  Can you imagine 10 of us in a 2 BR house?  God is in control. If we are to do this, He’ll show us a way. One of our dear friends actually sent us a link to a house that we are interested in before she knew we had been looking at it online!  Wouldn’t it be neat if that is the house we end up in?

Another friend recommended we contact a well-known speaker from Answers in Genesis who lives near the area that we are looking to move.  I talked with her and she told me about her church without ever giving me the name of it.  She did say that their pastor is a teaching pastor who works for AIG. Then a few days later I spoke with the homeschool regional rep. in the area we are considering moving and she told me about her church which has a teaching pastor who works for AIG.  It was at that point that I asked her if she went to the same church as the other speaker I had talked with.  She said they did!  Then she told me that their church also has a lot of families who have adopted in it too.  And many of them work for Answers in Genesis.  Years ago, we used to donate money towards the building of the Creation Museum and are kinda excited about living closer to it and possibly having some of our crew work there. 🙂  Back to my story, so, then the pastor of their church contacted us and asked us to come visit them and see their house as they are downsizing too.  So, Steve spent a few hours with them last month while in town on interviews.  This pastor is an apologetics man, which ironically is what Prince 2 went to NCFCA Nationals on!  You notice I am using the word “ironically” a lot? We know it is God!

Another friend has connected us with a mold inspector.  We have to avoid mold at all times due to the Lyme.  She has also found another possible place for us to look at living. She is  keeping her eyes out for medical help available to work with the Lyme. This is a dear friend who has walked me through Lyme the first time in CT and then I came home to IN and walked her through cancer.  Now, she is walking with me again. 🙂

Ironically, I had joined a wool group and posted a picture of our Jacob wool offering to split it 50-50 if someone could spin it for us.  A lady came forward who ironically lives about 30 minutes from where we used to live in IN, she homeschooled, and is a Christian! She also has offered to let us stop in at her place when we move, to water our animals!  Hoosier Hospitality!  It was no accident that we just met last week!  God orchestrated this meeting.  She also has her church praying for our move back home.

Ironically, over the past 5 months I have met a few other friends who live in my home state of IN.  One is battling Lyme same as us. A couple others are Christian homeschool families like us too.  We plan to meet in person soon. 🙂 God is good.

So, yes, we are going back home.  Yes, we are selling our house here in UT. Yes, we are excited about our move.  Please pray for our safety as we battle driving across country in the middle of winter. (Have to insert a joke here-Steve said to tell everyone that we are very attached to our livestock and that we will be taking them on vacation with us this winter, not moving!) Please also pray for my health while I spend a lot of time being “single mom” over the next few months.  Stress tends to make my health backslide and I really need to stay strong and healthy for this move.

And yes, I am still wanting to shout form the rooftops that “I am alive! Praise God!”  It is amazing to feel so much better most days!  The only way I got through all this is with the help of my Lord.  🙂 Another good thing about this move will be the lower elevation which will hopefully mean I will no longer need to use oxygen at home!

I will be leaving a piece of my heart in Utah when we move. Many memories were made here. Some dear friends who have driven us around, brought us things, and cared for us when we struggled to have normalcy in life.  I have a “family” of health care providers that I will miss immensely.  I have patient IV friends who I will miss too.  I am often told at the clinic that I am light to others and that I give them hope.  This is exactly why Steve told me one day that he wants me to continue to fight this fight because I bring hope and light to others.  It has been hard to watch others suffering as we sit together in the IV room weekly, but I have been able to share Jesus with numerous people because God allowed me to walk this walk with Lyme.  Every week when I was given an opportunity to share my faith, I was reminded that God wasn’t done with me in Utah or in the IV room. My time here is coming to an end soon because it is obviously time for my family to move on and share our faith somewhere else.  We did not make any of this happen. It was all God again. He writes amazing stories for our family!

Many memories were made here- the adoption of Seth and Joy, the loss of our barn, poultry, and 800 bales of hay and tools to fire, our children hiking all over the mountains, vacations to National Parks where we camped with extended family, the wildlife, our horse motel business where we met people from all over the world including some famous people, meeting some very special friends, being the Special Needs coordinators for our state homeschool group, raising pigs for our first time, sharing our faith daily with others, watching our children participate in 4H and win many ribbons, seeing our son speak at NCFCA Nationals and run the Cruz campaign for our county, watching our sons learn to drive, and seeing so many changes in our younger children as they grow up. I can’t keep typing these memories because I am going to cry.  Utah, you will always have a piece of my heart here.  Indiana is home, but Utah will hold a piece of me forever.  Thank you to all of our wonderful, dear friends here who have walked with us through all of our trials. YOU are true friends. We will miss you. I am certain that God has big plans for us in our next area of the country that we live.  We never tend to have dull times. Please pray that all of our family will be used mightily by the Lord wherever we land and that we will always give Him all the glory in what we do.

God is sovereign on this walk!

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