Walking in Faith

The time is drawing near to say goodbye to Utah.  Our time here has been full of blessings and also many trials.  We have lived through a barn fire with huge losses, the birth and adoption of our two youngest, hubby’s surgery, traveling to National Parks and camping, the loss of some beloved pets, 4H fairs, the political scene, NCFCA Speech and Debate, our horse motel business, meeting many people from all over the world through our business, and five of us battling Lyme Disease the past 7mths.  We will never forget the time we spent in Utah.  We will miss many things here, but on the other hand we are looking forward to going back home to the green grass, trees, creeks (which are as big as the rivers out here), and our family and friends.

We are pretty much ready for the moving truck to pull in and start loading us now. 🙂 We are starting to feel the excitement of getting in the caravan and driving for almost 4 days until we arrive home. We are excited to see all of our old friends who have been asking when they can come visit us too!

The title of this blog is how I sign all my emails, letters, cards, etc.  We live our life by walking in faith and today I want to share a few more examples of how we are continuing to live this out.

Last summer, Princess 2 asked me to list her vintage doll for sale.  She said she wanted to earn money to buy some chicks.  We posted pictures of her doll and listed it on many sites. She often asked if anyone was interested in the doll, but sadly no one was.  I continued to relist it for several months and then stopped.  Last week, she came to me and asked me to please list her doll again.  She said, “I only have two dollars and I need to earn more to buy my chicks in the spring.”

I told her, “God will provide a way for you to get your chicks if you are to have them.”

Then I asked her to remind me the next morning to relist the doll.  The next morning I got up and turned on the computer.  Lo, and behold, I had a message from a lady that had inquired about the doll last summer!  This time she said she wanted to know about our daughter and wanted to buy the doll.  I wrote her back and described Princess 2 to her, along with sharing about her Lyme battle.  I shared her desire to buy some chicks this spring.  The lady then offered to buy the doll for $50!  I about fell over!  Princess 2 and I had thought that $5 would be awesome, but $50? Wow!

The next morning, the lady sent Princess 2 the money for her doll. I asked Princess 2 if she could guess how much the lady paid for the doll.  She began to guess, “$10? 20? 30? 40? 50?”

After I told her that it was $50, she said, “Fifty dollars?!  Really?  She paid that much for my doll?”  She got a big grin on her face.

“Now I can buy my chicks!” she said with happiness in her voice.

Then a few minutes later we were talking about how wild it was that the lady messaged me before I relisted the doll that day.  Princess 2 said, “Remember what you told me about God providing?  Well, He has provided!”

Love seeing how our children observe the hand of God in their lives. 🙂

Next God story is about our move.  We found a house in December and planned to move the end of January.  The closing date was set and we were ready to go.  We had our livestock transporter ready to go, moving company scheduled, etc.  when things suddenly went south and we had to move the closing date back to later this month.  We currently are waiting on test results to come back which will determine if we will be closing on that house or not.  However, these results will not come back until the day before we move.  How scary is that?  Livestock already transported, moving company already packed us all up and loading the truck when we finally get the word about if we are moving to that house we have the offer on or not.

We had talked about trying to rent a place, but no one tends to rent to a family of 10, nor do they tend to have even a few acres for us to keep our livestock.  Plus, we have Emotional Therapy dogs which may not be wanted in a rental either.  We searched, we asked friends to ask their contacts, we posted ISO ads, etc.  Nothing.  Friday came and hubby told me that we needed to make a decision by the next day if we were going to cancel the moving truck again, cancel the livestock transporter (work is paying for this, but most likely the transporters would not work for us after canceling a second time!) again, and the children and I stay back here for who knows how long until we find another house.  We continued to pray about it that day.

That night, Friday, a friend that I met when we thought we were moving to SE IN last fall, sent me a message introducing me to her friend.  She said her friend has some land and may be able to help us out.  God had connected us and now He was connecting us to one of her friends! We “talked” late into the night about her house and land for rent and about all we had in common.  It is amazing how much we have in common!  This new friend then offered to take our horses, and livestock for us until we get settled somewhere permanently!  We talked on the phone the next morning and must have talked for a couple hours!  We have so many things in common it just continues to blow me away! They have 10 children, homeschool, and more just like us! My new friend then told me that if we needed a place sooner than when her rental was supposed to be available, she thinks the lady currently renting would be fine with moving out early due to her situation.

Meanwhile, during this phone call, hubby was looking at another house which turned out to be a dud.  He had driven over 800 miles the past week looking at back-up houses for sale just in case this deal falls through on the house we are planning to buy. So, he called me after he looked at the house and I shared with him that God had now provided a Plan B for us.  We now have a place to go either way.  So, on the day that we receive the test results on the house we will know if the next day God has plans for us to drive to our new house or to our new temporary house (rental on acreage) back east. We literally will not know until less than 24 hrs. of getting in the car, which house (or hotel for a few days until the rental is available) we are driving to.  We are trusting God will show us the best place for our family to live.  We are not pushing making the house contract work.  We have stepped back and are letting God handle it.  He will let us know where we are going.  Meanwhile, we will be getting in the car soon and driving for 4 days to our new home! 🙂

The irony?  The rental house is 45 minutes from where hubby grew up!  We could connect up with many old friends there until we find a permanent place to live.

So, the livestock are heading out to two different friends’ farms for a little vacation in paradise.  They’ll think they are in paradise when they see the green grass!  Haven’t really seen that in over 4 yrs. The moving company is coming.  Hubby is coming home.  We are loading up the caravan and hitting the road.  We are coming back home! We can’t wait to hug each of our dear friends back home and sit and visit with them again.  It’s been way too long since we’ve all been together. We are coming home! 🙂

That’s the end of my God stories for today. But, I know there will be many more God stories that come out of this move. After we get settled, wherever that may be, I will blog again and share some more stories.  Please pray for our family’s safety as we travel back home. Pray for our animals’ safety too.  As for the house situation, God has it under control.  Pray if you feel led to pray over that. Actually, God has it all under control, but the prayers are very appreciated.

We continue to be walking in faith.

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2 Responses to Walking in Faith

  1. Praise God. I always found it “interesting” when God’s answers came at the last minute. 🙂 Praying for the details, the animals, kids, house, everything.

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